Looking for a great holiday? Fethiye is the place to be!

Fethiye is a tourist town with an international atmosphere. It has an excellent marina and good night life. The town also serves as an excellent base for touring the inland country-side, and is probably the only city in the world where you’ll find sarcophagus in the streets. These pre-Roman Lycian relics are especially spectacular when floodlit at night. The town has a population of around 160,000 but the population increases dramatically during the high season, from April to end of October, when off-shore residents spend their summers at their second homes.


Summers are extremely hot with temperatures well above 40°C in July and August, you should drink plenty of water to keep hydrated which is important in a very hot place such as Fethiye. Winters are cool with temperatures around 14-20°C. Spring and Autumn are the wettest seasons, yet still very sunny, which is the best time to go for people who want a warm holiday that is not too hot like the summer, with temperatures around 20-28°C.


Ayran is a popular yogurt drink some find refreshing. Beer is widely consumed, though neither Beer or Ayran have a special connection with Fethiye. The wines are acceptable, but generally not of a very high standard.

‘Raki’ a traditional Turkish spirit, produced by fermenting grapes offering an aniseed flavour. A common comparison is the Greek ‘Ouzo’.



  • Hillside Beach ClubKalemya Koyu PK: 123 +90 252 614-83-60. Large resort set on a private bay amidst pine trees, organizing the only international water ski cup in Turkey, with activities such as spa, tennis, fitness, aerobic, step, stretching, basketball, beach-volley, archery and water sports including wakeboard and scuba-diving. 

Get out

  • The Blue Lagoon — a famous (perhaps the most famous in Turkey) beach area located in Ölüdeniz to south of Fethiye, with a pretty nice lagoon seperated from open sea by a sandbar. About 45 minutes away by dolmuş. Note that the local dolmus does not leave from the otogar but nearby in front of the red PO petrol station where there is a small bus shelter.
  • Saklikent Gorge — a stunning geological site located inland on the Teke Peninsula (between Fethiye and Antalya), about 40 km southeast of Fethiye. This is a great place for a leisurely hike. If you want to explore the gorge a bit further upstream, be prepared for some clambering and getting wet! There is an hourly Dolmuş that runs between Fethiye and Saklikent Gorge. Last service leaves the gorge at 5pm. Trip takes an 1hr each way and costs about 13Tl (as of May 2019). From Fethiye go to the same dolmus stop that gets you to Ölüdeniz (not the otogar).
  • Lycian ruins — located on outer islands, take a boat from Ölüdeniz.
  • Kayaköy Village — a hiking destination, these are the ruins of a Greek settlement abandoned in 1923 when the governments of Turkey and Greece mandated population swaps. Features some well-preserved structures, including a church.
  • Butterfly Valley and Kabak — two isolated canyons bordering the seashore to the south of Fethiye. They both feature waterfalls. Butterfly Valley is hippie haven (though with the growing interference of the mass tourism) situated in a narrow canyon with almost no overland connection to the rest of the world, while remoter Kabak is the perfect place to escape the package tourist groups, and a great place on the Turkish Mediterranean to camp and have a truly laid-back experience.
  • Weekly boat tours around the spectacular Lycian coast, also known as “Blue Cruise”, all the way east to Olympos can be arranged through numerous companies from Fethiye during the high season (April to October).

Source: Wikitravel – Updated by Emre Demir @ 28-02-2021